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SMT-based terminology explanation (7)


Reflow soldering (reflow soldering): through various stages: preheat, stability / drying, reflow peak and cooling, the surface mount components into the solder paste in order to achieve a permanent connection process.

Repair (repair): restoration of defects in assembly of the functional action.

Repeatability (reproducibility): precise objectives, the ability to return to properties. An assessment of processing equipment and its continuity indicators.

Rework (rework): It is incorrect assembly back to meet the specifications or contract requirements of an iterative process.

Rheology (Rheology): description of fluid flow, or viscosity and surface tension properties, such as solder paste.


Saponifier (saponification agent): an organic or inorganic ingredients and additives in aqueous solution primarily used by, for example cleaning agents can be dispersed to promote the removal of rosin and water soluble flux.

Schematic (schematic diagram): the use of symbols representative of the circuit layout of the map, including electrical connections, components and functions.

Semi-aqueous cleaning (not completely water cleaning): involves solvent cleaning, hot water washing and drying cycle technology.

Shadowing (Shadow): In the infrared reflow soldering, the component physical barrier from certain areas of energy, resulting temperature high enough to completely melt the phenomenon of solder paste.

Silver chromate test (Silver Chromate test): A qualitative, halide ions in RMA flux exists in the screening test. (RMA reliability, maintainability and availability)

Slump (Slump): In the template before post-curing screen printing, solder paste, glue and other materials from spreading.

Solder bump (solder balls): The solder ball material bonded in the passive or active components of the contact area, playing the role of the circuit pad connections.

Solderability (Solderability): In order to form a strong connection, conductor (pin, pad or trace) melt wet (which can be welded) capability.

Soldermask (solder): printed circuit board processing techniques, in addition to solder the connection point outside of all surfaces covered by a plastic coating to live.

Solids (Solid): flux formula, the percentage by weight of rosin, (solid content)

Solidus (solid line): Some components of the solder alloy began melting (liquefaction) temperature.

Statistical process control (SPC Statistical Process Control): analysis using statistical techniques, the output results to guide its operations, adjustment and / or maintain quality control of the state.

Storage life (storage life): glue and maintain the usefulness of the storage time.

Subtractive process (negative procedure): To remove the conductive layer of metal foil or cover the choice of parts, to be the circuit wiring.

Surfactant (surface active agent): Add water to reduce surface tension to improve the wet chemicals.

Syringe (syringe): through its narrow opening of the adhesive drops out of the container.


Tape-and-reel (tape and disk): SMT components used in packaging, in a continuous section of the belt, the components into pits, the pit covered by a plastic tape in order to roll to the plate for SMT components machine.

Thermocouple (TC): from two different sensors made of metal, when heated in the temperature measurements to generate a small DC voltage.

Type I, II, III assembly (first, second and third assembly): board side or both sides of a surface-mount components PCB (I); a pin installed in the main surface components, there are SMD components mounted on one side or both sides of the hybrid technology (II); to passive SMD components installed on the second side, pin (hole) components installed on the main surface characterized by hybrid technology (III).

Tombstoning (component erected): A welding defects, chip component has been delegated to the vertical position, so that the other side do not weld.


Ultra-fine-pitch (ultra-fine-pitch): pin the center of the center distance and the conductor spacing 0.010 "(0.25mm) or smaller.


Vapor degreaser (steam cooking and oil-device): A cleaning system, an object hanging in the box, heating the solvent vapor condensation on the surface.

Void (void): tin-point inside the hole, in the back when the gas release or clamped before curing the formation of flux residues.


Yield (output rate): the end of the manufacturing process used in production of components and submitted to the ratio of the number of components.

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