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Lead-free Wave Soldering Lead-free solder technology transformation of the latest Gonglue

In view of the growing global emphasis on lead pollution, China has established in June 2006 a ban on regular leaded solder electronic products continue to sell in the market, in order to save customers from leaded solder to lead-free soldering equipment changes in investment, I The company also provide general wave converted into lead-free wave soldering of the service!

1, due to the wettability of lead-free solder than leaded solder is low, a corresponding increase in required welding temperature and using a higher flux activity, while the lead-free solders at high temperatures when the solubility of stainless steel are stronger, so the need to replace the original produced mainly by the use of stainless steel sheet of tin pot and claws.

2, due to lead-free soldering flux used require a higher activation temperature and soldering temperature, the temperature gradient is too large will result in thermal shock PCB board, therefore, ordinary wave soldering lead-free wave soldering is required instead extended preheat zone and improve the weld before the preheating temperature.
3, lead-free solder during cooling after welding easier to produce than leaded solder cracks and peeling phenomenon, for which the need for lead-free soldering rapid cooling after welding to ensure the welding quality, therefore, need to install cooling system.

4, the wettability of lead-free solder lead-free soldering also led to less need for a longer welding time, without changing the production conditions, the peak on the need to increase the width of weld, therefore, the vents need to be replaced wave soldering.

5, for dual wave soldering machine, the first peak and second peak than the distance between the temperature out of the General Assembly created the phenomenon, resulting in poor welding, therefore, lead-free soldering to request the first peak and the distance between the second peak smaller.

6, when the lead-free soldering temperatures than leaded solder when the temperatures are high, the resulting tin oxide slag more, in order to effectively reduce the production of tin oxide residue, saving the cost of production, customers can also choose to install nitrogen protection devices. Comprehensive consideration to the above changes, the transformation of our need for the following:
1, replacement of tin-pot, claws sheets and peak vents;
2, the original equipment, spray or foam device out of the flux, extended preheat zone;
3, using external spray devices;
4, original equipment installation of cold mouth, using external high-power cooling fan forced PCB board refrigeration;
5, set aside out of nitrogen access port (optional);

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