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Lead-free solder of the lead-free soldering technology, technological features

Lead-free electronics manufacturing processes required to implement the following problems faced; 1) lead-free solder; 2) components and lead-free PCB board; 3) Lead-free welding equipment

    ¡¤ 1) lead-free solder
     So far, the world has reported nearly a hundred kinds of lead-free solder composition, but the real recognition and is widely used by industry is the Sn-Ag-Cu ternary alloy, there is also multi-alloy, adding In, Bi, Zn and other ingredients . At the present stage of international co-existence of multiple lead-free solder alloy of the situation in which electronic products manufacturing industry increased costs, there are different clients require different solder and different processes, and future development trends will tend to be uniform alloy solder .
     (1) melting point higher than the Sn-Pb high of about 30 degrees;
     (2) The ductility decreased, but there is no long-term deterioration issues;
     (3) The welding time is usually about 4 seconds;
     (4) The tensile strength than the initial strength and final strength superior to Sn-Pb eutectic.
     (5), fatigue-resistant and strong.
     (6) require higher thermal stability of flux.
     (7) high Sn content and high temperature on the solubility of Fe has a strong decision in view of the characteristics of lead-free solder a new lead-free soldering technology and equipment

    ¡¤ 2) lead-free components and the PCB board of
     In the lead-free soldering process, the components and PCB boards for lead-free coating technology is relatively complex, involving a wider area, which is an international environmental organizations lead-free manufacturing process to postpone one of the reasons for a considerable period of time, lead-free Sn-Pb solder and the PCB plating coexistence, and bring about "spin-off (Lift-Off)" and other welding defects, equipment manufacturers have to overcome this phenomenon from the device. In addition to the requirements of PCB board manufacturing process is also enhanced, PCB board and component materials require heat resistance.

    ¡¤ 3) Lead-free welding equipment
     Because of the special nature of lead-free solder, lead-free soldering process for lead-free soldering equipment requirements must be addressed lead-free solders and solder weld defects caused by the impact of the equipment, preheat / tin furnace temperature increases, the vent structure, oxides, corrosive, rapid cooling after welding, flux coating, nitrogen protection.

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