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Lead-Free Wave Solder antioxidant effects of

Beginning as early as 70 years, there are scholars began to notice when the tin-lead solder in the liquid state and oxidation at high temperature very quickly, especially in the peak furnace, in the wave will soon be on the formation of new tin oxide slag. Tin slag heap will affect the welding quality, but also created a tin waste, therefore, solder the importance of antioxidant research.

As the EU RoHS [1] on July 1, 2006 lead-free deadline approaches, the Japanese since 2000 to import lead-free manufacturing process, so far has been basically implemented lead-free manufacturing, in Japan and Europe and the United States available in the market "green" home appliances. The Chinese government had in March 2003 prepared by the Ministry of Information Industry, "Electronic Information Products Pollution Prevention Control Act of production," the draft, since July 1, 2006 to prohibit electronic products lead (Pb). Therefore, the market trend is the use of lead solder in electronic products will not be able to enter the market. For the electronic assembly businesses, lead-free wave soldering technology applications is placed in an enterprise that must be resolved before the practical problems.

       Lead-free wave soldering the conversion process, in general, use Sn-Cu, Sn-Ag, Sn-Ag-Cu lead-free solder and other articles. However, in the lead-free solder in tin content higher than in the tin-lead, so lead-free solder wave soldering in the oxidation of more serious, so control the amount of tin oxide generation is placed in the wave soldering technology is an important topic . This paper studies the trace elements in P on the Sn-0.7Cu solder engage in oxidative effects.

Sn-0.7Cu, under the protection of nitrogen generation of tin slag

Wave soldering, the nitrogen protection can reduce the formation of dross. Learn Chinese|Medical Equipment|pcb manufacturer|Ceramic Tile|Sleep BagThe reason is obvious, tin solder residue is a contact and nitrogen oxidation reaction product, while under the protection of nitrogen (nitrogen in the oxygen content at this time is generally 50 ~ 500ppm) Solder contact with oxygen is close to being isolated, solder will certainly reduce the degree of oxidation.

The protection of nitrogen in the air and under the condition of lead-free solder wave soldering tin slag formation volume of contrast is very significant, reaching 50%. This alone will bring about great economic benefits. To Sn-0.7Cu lead-free solder, for example, assuming a price of 150 yuan / kg, while the corresponding price of tin slag recovery of 70 yuan / kg. If a certain piece of equipment work for 8 hours a day, 240 days a year of work, then the year, down one piece of equipment can save the cost of filler metal is about as much as 100,000 yuan.

However, the nitrogen to protect the craft and welding quality are the advantages brought about by incomplete, it also has brought disadvantages, the most important manifestation of this is the surface of the printed circuit board after soldering tin beads increased. In addition, the role of nitrogen if you want to protect, then it necessarily involves a question, that the purity of nitrogen, nitrogen protection system equipment, a larger initial investment.

Sn-0.7Cu solder compound, Sn content of more than 90% will be, alloy oxide film is tin oxide main component:

Sn + O2 SnO2

SnO2 + Sn 2SnO

There are a few other Sn3O4 generated. The formation of such oxide film, the right to protect the melt surface, to prevent further oxidation of the role is not strong, it continues to surface oxidation.

Suppose that one or several elements of tin slag can be separated and taken away the oxygen molecule, which will Dross handling and cost reduction is a very effective method.

At the same time,Learn Chinese|Medical Equipment|pcb manufacturer|Ceramic Tile|Sleep Bag the product must meet the following conditions:

     1. Meet the ROHS requirements

     2. Easy to save the

     3. Easy to use, clean, will not produce the second pollution

     4. Production is unlimited

     5. In the process have no impact on the wave soldering machine

     6. In the process of the PCB solder joints and board does not have an impact

     7. Costs are lower

LF-19D-free solder powder is the residue to restore the fundamental principles of the design and development of this new product.

The formula is:

H2CN2 + HNO2 + SNO + SNO2 SN + CO2 + NH3-+ + H2O

NH3 + SNO + SNO2 + H2CN2 + HNO2 SN + H2O + CO2 + N2 + O2

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