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Lead-free wave soldering reflow the successful development of series production line

Faced with the world lead-free wave Tektronix Electronics Co., Ltd. Changzhou Wujin plan first, and has successfully developed lead-free wave soldering, reflow soldering and logistics, transportation line series and get the victory of science and technology, dozens of new branches and electronics manufacturers approval, the product identified by Matsushita of Japan, and issued a recognized certificate. Wujin Tektronix promotion and application of lead-free wave soldering, which greatly enhanced the product's market competitiveness.
In 2006, Europe will force the implementation of "electrical and electronic equipment on the Prohibition of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances Directive" regulations. Wujin Tektronix comply with the international trend, putting in a lot of manpower, material resources to carry out extensive market research, and with several well-known brands at home and abroad to conduct technical, craft-oriented discussions, since 2003, has for several LCD color TV production enterprises from the veneer production to final assembly and then to wave soldering, aging, testing, packaging complete production line. In October 2004, China's first fully automated 42-inch LCD color TV production line in Changzhou settled for the development of enterprises has injected new vitality.

The company produces lead-free automatic dual wave soldering machine can automatically complete the PCB board from the flux coating, pre-heating, soldering, and cooling the entire welding process. PC-controlled machine core, modular control, designed to take advantage of multiple protection measures, high degree of automation, reliability, good performance. Control system is based on Windows platform, powerful and concise user interface and control is simple. The machine uses a specially designed tin-pot vents, two vents distance 60mm, applicable to the welding-free solder materials. Over the past flux by hand to add, not only increase the labor intensity, insecurity, and volatile, affecting welding quality. Flux is not in contact with air, and auto-added, non-volatile, non-polluting, composition and stability, weld quality assurance. Over the past regular product preheat zone of about one meter in length, there are one or two temperature-controlled areas, has now increased to 2 meters, there are four temperature-controlled zones of enhanced activation to ensure that the welding process. Wujin Tektronix dozen of the product innovation to make our products in all aspects of performance indicators have reached international advanced level.

Tektronix is currently capable of producing lead-free wave soldering machines, LCD TV production lines and other logistics conveyor production line, packaging production line, the products involving electronic equipment, electronic and chemical three areas have been provided for the color TV manufacturers from the 20-inch, 26-inch , 32-inch, 37-inch to 42-inch LCD color TV production lines 13, some products have passed SGS certification and identification of paint Institute.
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