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Lead Free Wave Solder Machine E400

E400 Lead Free Wave Solder Machine Features

 PLC and touchscreen controlling system which can save more than 50 sets parameters. User-frienly 

interface is easy to be operated,temperature can be set/saved/modified in touchscreen.

 The high quality sprayer provides perfect atomization performance of the flux.It is driven by stepper motor and rail / slider, moving speed set on touchscreen, stepper driver and PLC control system make a smooth and low noisy movement.

 Forced air convection preheat zone creates enough uniform heat for the PCB.Specially designed preheating system makes maintenance easier,motor and blower can be dismantled easily from bottom,heater can be move out from rear side like drawer.

 Adopt cast iron heater for the solder pot, its mounted outside of the solder pot. This new assembling way prolongs  the lifetime of the solder pot.

 Dual wave solder pot. Both wave heights are controlled invidually by transducer. Changing the wave height via adjusting the frequency of wave motor's power supply in touchscreen.

 Solder pot is made of Ti material, 100% capable for the lead-free solder.

 Customer can set on and off  time of machine with weekly timer.

 Light&Sound alarm for overheating and emergency stop.

 Ti finger conveyor system, be able to form an in-line through-hole soldering line.

 Customer can choose "L" finger for pallet, or dual hook finger for pcb.

 N2 optional for the solder pot.

E400 Lead Free Wave Solder Machine Specification

E400 - Specifications



 PCB width


 Solder pot capacity


 Running power/general power




 Net weight


 Controlling system

 Touchscreen + PLC

 Conveyor motor

 3Ph 220V ,90W

 Conveyor speed


 Flux capacity

 6.5 liter

 Alcohol capacity

 4.5 liter

 PCB Conveyor direction

 Left to right

 Spray method

 stepper motor drive,linear rail and slider moving sprayer


 Japan ST-6

 Preheating zone

 1 individual bottom preheating zone

 Preheating power


 Solder pot material

 Fully Ti

 Solder pot heater

 Cast iron

 Heater power


 Wave number

 dual waves

 Wave type

 Turbulence first wave and Lambda 2nd wave

 Melting time

 60 minutes

 Solder pot lift up&down


 Solder pot in&out


 Finger cleaning pump

 1PH 220V 10W

 Finger type

 Dual hook

 Finger material


 Solder angle


 Air supply


 Power supply

 3PH 380V 50HZ

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